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"The Burning Chvrch" Longsleeve T-Shirt

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We still have some stock from the first drop, mainly on the bigger sizes. If we have your t-shirt in stock we will ship it within the week. Otherwise, you will get one from the second batch, shipping on December, 6th!

  • 100% organic cotton
  • PETA-vegan approved and Climate Neutral
  • Fair Wear
  • Unisex
  • Regular fit 

🔥 Ah, the crackling sound of fire. Summer breeze blows softly through the nearby woods, people screaming in the distance oh, and there goes the bell tower!

It started by accident, they say. By a misplaced candle in the candleholder nevertheless. A waxy mischief without a conscious of it's doing, fell off on the carpet and next thing you know inferno broke loose in the centuries-old wooden structure. It stood it's ground through numerous historic events, but one little slip in the form of a candle turned out to be its doom. While accidents do happen indeed, some say this was all conducted by the hand of the Devil himself. One drunk that happen chuckwalking not far from there, swore to his dear life that he saw a bizarre-looking two-footed hoofed silhouette just moments before the church was engulfed into flames. While this theory spread like... well... wildfire in the peaceful town, no one really could actually believe him. The plausibility alone of a random accident couldn't allow any other logical conclusion, not to mention he was hammered as f🐷ck.

Although, since then, whispers started blowing in the winds while the town was asleep, putting agitating thoughts in the townsfolk minds. No wonder turmoil and ugly incidents appeared in the streets and even worse in the privacy of the households, soon after. Strangely enough, no one was talking about this. As they didn't ever spoke again for the nature of the disaster that stroke their local church.

Only letting their confused and angry thoughts though their minds, unsuspected that the Devil himself did indeed blew the gentle breeze that knocked that candle down, burning the church and leaving the town unprotected of his malevolence.

This design is an immortalization of the beginning of this story.

Original design by Branca Studio

This design is printed on an EarthPositive (EP18L) black longsleeve, 190g, t-shirt, by Continental Clothing.
Please note that this is NOT a crewneck. It's a longsleeve t-shirt. 

All silkscreen done by Fuzz Ink in South Koukaki, Athens, Greece.