About us

It all starts with a van.

You load all the good stuff, amps, instruments, merchandise and you hit the road. And you keep doing this no matter what!

During those days on the road, we’ve seen all kinds of merchandise. Lots of cool t-shirts, posters, socks, frisbees, you name it! And some… well... not-that-cool.

It took a little over two years and a pandemic for this crazy idea to finally come into bloom: A boundary-defying group of people collaborating with talented designers from around the world in order to create the coolest band merchandise out there, without them being an actual band. Simple as that! So, yeah, we’ve got the merch but lacking a band name - bear with us!

Our designs come from the hands of Jony GravesCatsneezeBassment Rats, Bewild Brother, Hand of God studio, Baba ArtworksChristophe Szpajdel, Goographix, John Kontan and Mangobeard. And the list will grow!

All of our wearables are screenprinted, with waterbased inks, and by doing "discharge", for a more smooth feel. We take great pride in whatever comes out of our warehouse and we really enjoy working with people that take the same pride in their craft and do their absolute best to master it. When it comes to products that cannot be screenprinted in any way, we find other ways to make art on them, and we DO make sure that they match our quality standards.

Not only that, but we do our absolute best to use t-shirts made of 100% organic cotton, and generally, fair wear apparel. Because we care :) And you should too!

We are always happy to hear from you, so feel free to send us your thoughts and ideas on current or future projects at outofmedium@gmail.com . We are open to all suggestions! 


- John and Stef

Photo by C.Alossi Photography at Merch of the Bands Bazaar (Athens).