Tour Diary - Day 1 (Dimitris Metaxakis / Sound Engineer)

Tour Diary - Day 1 (Dimitris Metaxakis / Sound Engineer)

We didn't think that people would respond so quickly but for some reason it looks like touring artists and their collaborates have plenty of time these days.

Without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to Dimitris Metaxakis.

Dimitris, or Mitsos if you may, has been on the road endlessly since 2013 with bands like 1000mods, Naxatras, Godsleep and many many more. He's an amazing sound engineer and a really nice guy to hang out with. This is his story...

Dimitris Metaxakis / photo by Kostis

Well, after much thought and going through a thousand memories, really intimate ones to public humiliation ones, I’d like to share with you just the shortest.
I was on tour, sound dude and all around muscle for the most famous greek band. ''Last Rizla'', that is.

Freezing our asses off, driving through the Carpathian mountains, heading to Cluj-Napoca (my favorite city of all, by the way). We knew that we had booked a gig in a place that wasn't really a venue, but we weren’t exactly sure what to expect.

Aaaaaaand it was a bloody CELLAR!

Not a cellar like in “wine cellar, constant temperature, Madeira 1846”, more like a BDSM dungeon! Scratch that, medieval torturing dungeon!
Tiny door, 8x10 bass cab wouldn’t even fit, stairs down, unpaved floor, just dirt, no windows, no ventilation, no fire exit, 6 degrees Celsius, mold on stone bricks, reeking of booze and sweat. Or was it piss?

Fifteen square meters, arched, two metres high in the middle, that’s my height, and half a metre less at the sides—bassist, kinda tall and amazingly beautiful, wouldn’t even fit playing standing. Unsurprisingly, gig was packed with ferocious drunk gals and guys, having a blast. Turned out to be probably the best show of the tour, scary one, 54 degrees Celsius, claustrophobia, band and crowd had tons of fun and fortunately no one died.

Well documented too. (check it out here)

Sadly, that was one of the last gigs that happened at Rizom Infokiosk as gentrification hit Romania too… Must be lux condos now. #LastRizlaGreatBand "

- Dimitris


Last Rizla is a rock band from Athens, Greece formed in 2008. You can find their insanely loud, disgustingly heavy and intelligent music here.

We also gotta mention that half of Last Rizla are also part of Fuzz Ink, who happen to print ALL of our apparel. Much love!
We hope you liked it! If you wanna share your story, feel free to get in touch with us at and we'll take it from there!

PS: We have no clue who took these photos. If you did, PLEASE send us a message so we can add your name in there. Cheers!
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