An introduction to the Tour Diary

An introduction to the Tour Diary

Hey, ho! Let's go!

So, what is this Tour Diary thing? I'll try to keep it sort.

When I started brainstorming about what I'd want Out of Medium to be, I always envisioned a collective of people, sharing thoughts, ideas, art. Creating merchandise and, as our friends at OneTwoSix Clothing say, MEMORIES.

Ιt's a fundamental part of life to share knowledge, stories, memories, drinking a couple of beers and reminiscing the old days. This is what the Tour Diary is about. We reach out to people to have them write a story down, and share it with all of you. A funny story from a tour. A memorable meeting at the backstage of a festival. An "I-definitely-cant-and-never-forget-that-day" story. Who will those people be? People you've seen on and off stage at an underground live show. Musicians, technicians, roadies, promoters, you name it. It might even be you! ;)

You think you got a cool story? We are all ears! Send us a message at and we'll take it from there.

Sit back, crack a cold one and enjoy.

Photo by Matassos Photography at Fuzztastic Planet Festival, 2014

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