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  • "Tune Low, Play Slow" t-shirt - Out of Medium
  • "Tune Low, Play Slow" t-shirt - Out of Medium
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Out of Medium

"Tune Low, Play Slow" t-shirt

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Born too late? Story of our life. You know you don't belong and there's nothing you can do, so grab your Verellen Meat Smoke, plug-in your Green Russian Big Muff, drop your Les Paul down to B and let there be DOOM!

Introducing the first design of our exclusive "Christophe Szpajdel Series":


Christophe Szpajdel —aka Lord of the Logos— is probably modern heavy metal’s most significant and influential logo designer. In a remarkable career that already spans over thirty years, has has exhibited throughout the world, published his own art book and created more than 7.000 logos, for bands like Venom, Emperor, Wolves in the Throne Room, Metallica, Rihanna and Pussy Riot, the feminist collective The Wing and Panos Cosmatos’ film Mandy among others.

High Quality, custom, 100% Cotton T-Shirt in black colour with dark red inner neck lining.
Design printed with water-based inks.

NOTE: This is a mockup and not the actual t-shirt. Minor differences on the ink appliance can be expected. We'll upload photos of the actual t-shirt as soon as it's printed.

Original design by Christophe Szpajdel, AKA the Lord of Logos.

All t-shirts are custom made to order, locally in Greece, with extra love and care.

All silkscreen done by Fuzz Ink in South Koukaki, Athens, Greece.

Size chart:
S - W: 53 / L: 72
M - W: 55 / L: 74
L - W: 57 / L: 77
XL - W: 59 / L: 79
XXL - W: 62 / L: 82