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"ACAB / 1312" T-Shirt

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We love beer - we make a shirt, we love coffee - we make a shirt, we love black magic - well, we put it in the same shirt with the coffee because, come on. Our love for cats is already declared but we simply can’t get enough of ‘em.

So, we’re proud to present you our second take on this topic.

What you see here spelled in SIGN language is the universal ACAB / 1312 acronym, famously translating as All Cats Are Beautiful! That’s what it is. Alright? Don’t let them tell you otherwise. Or do. What do we know anyway?

High Quality, custom, 100% Cotton T-Shirt in white colour with mango inner neck lining.
Design printed with water-based inks.

Original design by Baba Artworks.

All t-shirts are custom made to order, locally in Greece, with extra love and care.

All silkscreen done by Fuzz Ink in South Koukaki, Athens, Greece.

Size chart:
S - W: 53 / L: 72
M - W: 55 / L: 74
L - W: 57 / L: 77
XL - W: 59 / L: 79
XXL - W: 62 / L: 82